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CERULEUM, Rue du Port-Franc 9, 1003 Lausanne Direction : Madame Maria Heinzer-Wallden
Located in the Flon district, in the heart of Lausanne, Ceruleum is an arts training institution that was founded in the 1980s.

It offers a highly renowned Preparatory Class, which prepares students for the various entrance examinations in the visual arts (Universities, Swiss CFC, etc.)

Since 2005, two European Bachelors programmes have been added to the range of courses on offer.
These are 3-year professional programmes in Digital Animation / Cartooning or Illustration / Comics.

Ceruleum also offers 2 high-level Masters courses to enable students with an artistic background to develop a project with a view to publication or production :

- Master's degree in visual development and concept art (cinema, animated film)
- Masters in Editorial / Comics
Our programmes are in the process of being accredited to obtain the title of European Master, with ECTS credits.

Consistent quality of training programmes and excellence in content and teaching are an integral part of Ceruleum's vision.
Our mission is to help students develop professionally and transform their creativity into artistic skills.

Welcome to the world of Ceruleum!
Tel +41 21 313 40 40
Fax +41 21 313 40 49
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Average manpower

140 students 30 teachers 10 classes


Evening classes
Further education for adults
Summer school


6-15 years old
16-18 years old

Range study

Computer science
Varied workshops

Classes taught in



Day school


Other diplomas


Full time
Part time
Evening classes


Ceruleum School Diploma
European Bachelors accredited by the FEDE
European Masters accredited by the FEDE

Quality certification: ISO 21001 2018


Preparatory class: 1 year of preparation for entrance examinations; Visual Arts (Swiss HES or universities abroad), photography (CEPV), polydesign (CEPV), graphic design, interactive media design (Eracom), etc. Professional courses | Bachelor : - European Bachelor in Digital Animation and Cartooning - European Bachelor in Illustration - Comics These courses are accredited by the FEDE ( and earn ECTS credits for European university mobility. Professional courses | Master: - Master in Visual Development and Concept Art - Master in Editorial Development / Comics Art workshops: - Illustration - Photography - Comics - Drawing | Painting - Academy drawing and ink work - File preparation - Pastels | Illustration - Engraving Various Saturday workshops Various holiday courses (February, Easter, summer) Translated with (free version)

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