History and activities

The AVDEP: a quality-required tradition

Its History

On 23rd November 1940, some head-teachers of private schools join in association.

The border-countries are at war and the private schools suffer from its consequences, mainly because of the decrease in the number of foreign pupils due to the closing of the frontiers, the replacement of teachers, etc. The association aims to the defend its members’ interests, among which a state facilitated entry of foreign students, a better collaboration between State and Private schools as well as the creation of a Corporation of private education of Vaud, officially approved by the State Council on 28th October 1945. It also requires high-quality education as well as a tolerant-minded approach.

Its Activities

Over sixty years later, the Association – which gathers about fifty schools – has the same targets.

In the eighties, it creates an official and free school service meant to inform and direct both parents and students towards its member-schools which offer plenty of preschool, school, professional and cultural programmes, various and efficient educational methods, personalised supervision allowing for each pupil to find a curriculum best-adapted to his/her needs and personal development as well as to reach his/her own targets.

At national level, private schools gather in a Swiss Federation of Private Schools (FSEP) with about 250 members. This federation aims to maintain the private schools’ fame, to improve education and up-bringing, to defend its members’ professional interests as well as to promote solidarity and experience exchange.

At European level, the AVDEP is a member of the European Federation of Schools, involved in the creation of European degrees, and is endowed with the participative status at the European Council as a Non-Governmental Organisation.

The AVDEP offers interested parents and students a free information service. It gives all necessary information about the different schools, their characteristics and their curriculum. Its consultation implies no obligation on the part of the parents. The AVDEP is thus able to guide possibly interested students at best..

Its pedagogies

The teachers take active part in the school’s life and its development, in the drafting of programmes as well as in their application, which explains their involvement in and dedication to their job. Therefore, private schools increasingly become places both respectful of tradition and inclined to research and innovation in order to improve their teaching, thus adapting to the socio-cultural and economical evolution as well as to the labour-market.

The AVDEP today: