Code of Ethics

Of the Head-Teachers of the AVDEP’s Member-Schools

The member-schools of the AVDEP commit themselves to the following principles :

Transparency of Targets and Management

1. Facilitate both the intellectual and emotional development of the students, show respect for them, feel concerned by their worries and offer them appropriate supervision.

2. Give detailed, unambiguous and written information as far as admission conditions, schedule, curriculum, proposed options and fees are concerned.

3. Make sure of an adequate preparation of the targets expected by the actual study curriculum combined with programmes. Keep to and update the school calendar.

Common Commitments towards our Students

4. Only employ teachers qualified for the entrusted job and make sure of a follow-up of their skills.

5. Keep students’ parents, or students themselves if of age, informed about the schooling, boarding and any other compulsory or complementary fees. Specify the adopted educational and up-bringing line. Pass on the information at application time.

6. Respect and therewith encourage students to respect the elementary rules of an honesty-, work-, fellowship- and good behaviour-based upbringing, within the age-range of the students and the school status. These must be specified in the school-rules.

7. Encourage access to culture and arts as well as an open-minded approach of The Other through multilingualism, among other things.

8. Encourage students to do sports and enter competitions as means of shaping their character, of developing both their personal physical skills as well as their team-abilities and fair-play.

Quality-based Dynamics/An Approach of Excellence

9. Publish a quality-chart which summarises the educational and up-bringing approach. Aiming to quality implies the respect of the rules established by the FSEP (Swiss Federation of Private Schooling) for the least as well as a dynamic management.

10. Entrust supervision only to qualified and dedicated people aware of their responsibilities.

11. Warn parents and/or the entitled department as soon as a student seems in physical and/or psychological distress, even outside the school-frame.

Intra-professional Discipline

12. Keep from deceitful publicity or any publicity related to the students’ examination success-rate.